How successful are you?

High-school dropout ineligible for most of the jobs in Malaysia. I could say that almost all the jobs in Malaysia want SPM certificate as one of the qualifications needed. But, I could see that, in this century, people who have left high school still be successful in life. Not that I recommend people to drop out of high school, but there is hope for those who not been able to complete high school. When you have a purpose that cannot be denied, remember, “There is always a way.” For example, Sir Richard Branson, one of the most recognizable billionaires in the world, struggled with dyslexia and dropped out of school when he was 16. Another example, Henry Ford who had no formal education in science, is a billionaire businessman. In Malaysia, Dato Aliff Syukri, who admitted that he failed his SPM, becomes a millionaire businessman at young age. Being an academic certificate holder does not determine how successful you are. Doesn’t matter if you are a degree/SPM holder or not, you are born to be a winner. Whatever you choose to do in your life, you work very hard to be a successful person. 


– lady shine bright.


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