Pesanan Ibu buat Ramadhan ini

Bulan Ramadhan ramai yang berazam untuk meningkatkan amal ibadah sepanjang bulan mulia ini. Pesan ibu, 

“Ingatkan diri untuk sertakan sekali niat untuk jaga lidah, jaga mata, jaga telinga, jaga hati, jaga tangan, jaga kaki, jaga kelakuan, jaga segala bentuk lah….supaya diri terpelihara daripada melakukan dosa ketika beramal di bulan Ramadhan.” 

InshaAllah 😇

Takut nanti sibuk beramal lupa pula nak jaga lidah dan telinga, mulut dan telinga sedap bergosip, kutuk, kritik perihal orang lain. Dah kurang pahala amalan bulan Ramadhan. 

Dalam melakukan amal ibadah puasa, terlupa nak jaga mata dan hati, sedap melihat drama terdiri para pelakon seksi dan adegan panas. Dah kurang pahala amalan bulan Ramadhan. 

Sibuk beriya puasa Ramadhan, lupa nak jaga tangan dan kaki, terbabas melakukan aktiviti negatif atau melawat tempat negatif. Dah kurang pahala amalan bulan Ramadhan. 

Sebab itu kena ada niat nak jaga itu ini supaya diri kita terjaga daripada melakukan perkara negatif ketika diri sibuk mengejar pahala bulan Ramadhan.

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Wallahu a’lam bish-shawabi.


– lady shine bright.

Fake Or Fakers ?

‪Do not matter if the social media account is fake. ‘Coz behind every fake account is a real human. But be afraid of the real account that the owner is a fake person. Fake person is the real enemy. You have to leave the negative people to live a positive life. Radiate positive vibes only 🙋🏻 

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– lady shine bright


Fake or fakers ?

Hidayah milik Allah SWT

Hidayah milik Allah SWT. Sebagai hamba Allah, kita dinasihatkan untuk berusaha mencari hidayah Allah. Untuk melakukan kebaikan, jangan pula kita berkata “Tunggu dapat hidayah.” Sampai bila-bila hanya menunggu untuk mendapatkan hidayah. Langsung tiada usaha untuk mencari hidayah Allah. Kita bukan penunggu untuk terus menunggu. Sampai bila berkeras hati taknak berubah? Tepuk dada, tanya iman. 

Salam Jumaat! 😇

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– lady shine bright.

How successful are you?

High-school dropout ineligible for most of the jobs in Malaysia. I could say that almost all the jobs in Malaysia want SPM certificate as one of the qualifications needed. But, I could see that, in this century, people who have left high school still be successful in life. Not that I recommend people to drop out of high school, but there is hope for those who not been able to complete high school. When you have a purpose that cannot be denied, remember, “There is always a way.” For example, Sir Richard Branson, one of the most recognizable billionaires in the world, struggled with dyslexia and dropped out of school when he was 16. Another example, Henry Ford who had no formal education in science, is a billionaire businessman. In Malaysia, Dato Aliff Syukri, who admitted that he failed his SPM, becomes a millionaire businessman at young age. Being an academic certificate holder does not determine how successful you are. Doesn’t matter if you are a degree/SPM holder or not, you are born to be a winner. Whatever you choose to do in your life, you work very hard to be a successful person. 


– lady shine bright.

A Letter to Malaysian

Dear readers,

I would like to share my thoughts on the reading materials. Recently, there has been a spate of reading materials. The number of novels has increased over these few years, especially romance genre. Nowadays, more and more Malaysian like to read romance novels. We are not aware that reading materials are factors that contribute to our way of thinking. The types of the reading materials can be the factors of level of maturity of a person. A person may fall into wrong novels that may cause a person to have immature thinking. By reading romance novels, a person may become an unrealistic person. Teenagers start dreaming a fairy tales of a prince charming when reading romance novels. Readers can avoid being one of the victims if we are always extra careful when we buy novels. We are responsible to take care and protect ourselves from buying the wrong reading materials. Besides that, the language used in the novels can affect the readers’ behavior.

There are some Malay-romance novels are not suitable to be read if you are underage. That is why I do not recommend teenagers to read this genre. It may surprise you, but Malay-romance novels have these 18sx scene. I was shocked. Wondering how these mature-content-novels can be published and sold to the youngsters. Not that I boycott romance novels because I know that not all romance novels are ‘bad’. I do read romance, especially written by Malay authors such as Emy Roberto, Evelyn Rose, Anjell and so on.

In the Malaysian context, I am suggesting that young readers should start reading novels full of knowledge that would improve them in the way of thinking. There are a lot of local novels that motivate and inspire the readers. A must-read-novel-list such as the Diagnosis series (Diagnosis, Diagnosis 2, Apokalips, and Fobia), Breathe (Dr Beni Rusani), Pelukis Jalanan (teme), Arkitek Jalanan (teme), Surihati Encik Pembunuh (Hilal Asyraf), World (budak tomato), Hidup Yang Aku Pilih (Muharikah), Reflections of A Man (Mr Amari Soul) and the list went on. Readers can do some research about the novels and read the reviews before buying them.

Frankly speaking, Malaysian should take initiative to gradually correct themselves by reading novels that may educate, inspire, mature and motivate themselves. Above and beyond, young Malaysians need to read a lot in order to perform well in their life. Life is about learning. We learn something through reading. Reading inspires and motivates the readers to better themselves. So, dear, choose the reading materials wisely!

lady shine bright.

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