No homo #LGBT

Could you imagine that , what if there is one follower on Twitter is using a fake identity? You think that one account is a guy based on the profile or told by that person. You reply ‘his’ tweets, till you become ‘his’ best buddy, maybe till you agree to be ‘his’ online girlfriend, that so called Cyber love, till both of you are in love. Until one day, both of you agree to see face-to-face, then you know the real person in reality. What would you react if the person you are in love is actually has the same gender as you, that ‘he’ is actually a girl? 😲 Anything could happen to anyone. There are so many weird people in this weird world. What are your reaction? You love ‘him’, but ‘he’ is a girl. You are a girl, you can’t marry a girl. Would you break your love relationship? Or would you love ‘him’ and accept ‘him’ in your life? If you accept this love relationship, this could be an abnormal love relationship between same gender, homosexual life. Gosh! How could this happen? You are normal and straight before you met ‘him’. Seriously? 

We are human, we have right to choose what’s the best for ourselves. But, to be agreed with homosexuality as a love relationship is absolutely wrong decision. It is definitely abnormal. No matter how strong is your attraction towards the same gender, you should not proceed the relationship. It is wrong. It is an immoral act. It is against divine law. 

#random💭 #selfreminder #selfnote

***Semoga Allah tetapkan hati dengan keimanan yang teguh. 

Ya Allah, pelihara hati kami agar sentiasa beriman kepada Mu, Amiin Ya Allah.


-lady shine bright.


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